Tattooed in Goa

No, no! I did not get a tattoo, that would involve pain and needles and permanence. But while I was in Goa last summer, several of my friends did. It began with one girl wanting to cover up a scar on her shoulder and escalated to another girl daring a guy to get a fairy tattoo, and before you knew it they were all clad in butterflies, scorpions, panthers and winged creatures. Daaang!

Which tattoo to get?

Aside from Goa, the only time I’ve set foot in a tattoo parlour was when I got my nose pierced in North Carolina. And from that one sitting I do know there are certain hygienic standards one follows – all of which flew out the window in Goa. For starters I saw no running water (Don’t you need running water?), but the tattoo artist did put on plastic gloves. Bonus points on that one. However, he was walking around the shop barefoot. And he was eating. And he did go out for a smoke break and not wash his hands when he returned…due to the lack of running water? Hmm…

Going under the needle

But hey, his work turned out great. And with hundreds of people streaming through his doors during high season, he’s definitely had plenty of practice. Let the wall speak for itself!


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