The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

Bex gives me a nudge and with a laugh asks “Did you see that guy’s shirt?”

That’s Chris she’s referring to. His shirt has the image of a stick figure crawling on the floor, reaching out for yet another bottle of beer. On the back it says “I survived the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl“. He’s an expat, originally from Michigan, and he also happens to be leading tonight’s pub crawl across Bs As.

Making our way down Calle Florida we board the most psychedelic bus I’ve ever been on; kind of like The Magic School Bus tripping out on acid, if you can envision that…flashing lights and camera flashes, thumping music and an ecstatic crowd. This is gonna be an interesting night…

It all begins with pizza and an endless flow of beer where we meet our fellow crawlers. From there it’s a walk to a nearby bar, where we get a shot of a mysterious green liquor. Absynthe? Nah. Cheers to the barman! Followed by another bar and another shot, and another bar and another shot… Get the picture?

You’re probably thinking, “Whoa Audrey, take it easy on the liver!” but I’m really not much of a drinker, so aside from the welcome shots I spent most of the night mingling with the crawlers. Most memorably:

  • Bossa nova man on a quest to enlighten his fellow Brazilians with the jazzy melody
  •  The girl from Pennsylvania who I met in the bathrooms and upon learning I was Canadian began to declare her love for Sidney Crosby. I don’t follow hockey so I had to google Crosby when I got back home. Charming indeed!
  • The guy from Brasilia who wanted to learn English, taught me to play pool, and then managed to track me down at my hostel the following day! I’ve since learned not to tell people where I’m staying no matter how casual the question may be! That’s another entry for another day…
  • And the drunk Australian we later found swaying down the streets, trying to find his way back to his hostel. I’d be surprised if he managed to do so.

Finishing things off in the wee hours of the morning at one of Buenos Aires’ best clubs! If you’re ever travelling through South America and happen to pass through Buenos Aires, check it out! The Pub Crawl is run by some awesome expats and locals who love the city and know how to have some fun.

Get crawling!

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