How to Gain a Pot Belly in Germany

Yes, it happened. I’m a fairly slim girl but after a week of over-indulging in sweet ol’ Deutschland, even my sisters were horrified by the gut I’d gained… and I’m not exaggerating. By the end of my visit I was opting for loose shirts to camouflage what resembled a 3 month bump. In between visiting quaint German villages and strolling through charming university towns, there was also a lot of eating! 

Pastries for Breakfast


Guten morgen and would you like some Brot? Backwaren encompases every baked good, from breads to cakes and pretzels to pastries. And there are so many varieties that you just have to try them all! And what about all the things you can put on your Kaiser roll? Butter, jam, marmalade, cheese, salami, ham, sausage? One of each please!

A German Meal

Spätzle, Schnitzel und Bier

What could taste better than homemade noodles with Schnitzel on the side? Maybe adding a glass of beer! This meal is as hearty as they come. Danke to the Hoss Family for stuffing our bellies and entertaining us through the language barrier!


At the Chocolate Factory


And did I mention the chocolate factory?! Does Ritter Sport sound familiar? With colourful packages and experimental chocolate combinations, this place is chocolate mecca. We took full advantage.

Eating in Germany is an experience not to be missed! So eat away, your stomach will thank you for it.

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