Strasbourg the Second Time Around

My first time in Strasbourg was a bit of blur. It was a quick side trip while travelling through Germany during the 2006 World Cup. Seeing that France and Italy had made it to the finals, my friends and I decided we’d cross the border to France hoping for a French win where we’d celebrate viva la France style.

By the Canal

We arrived in Strasbourg without much of a plan, looked at buildings not knowing what they were, admired churches only from the exterior, and then came upon a square surrounded by cafes, where we flanked ourselves in front of a big screen TV.

And what happened next? France won!

No, actually they lost… But then Italian supporters flooded the streets with flags and painted faces, so we enjoyed the Italian victory instead (we were such loyal supporters). The things is, though I enjoyed myself that night, I left Strasbourg having learned nothing about the city.

Last summer I went back to Strasbourg; another side trip while visiting a friend in Germany. This time I became your average tourist – snacks and camera in hand.

Tourist on the Ill River

I took a boat tour down the Ill River, snapped photos and happily ate my pan au chocolat. I wore headphones and learned about the history behind each building. I sat down at a quaint little cafe where I enjoyed a traditional French meal; raw egg included. And I got a proper look at the massive cathedral from both the interior and the exterior! Mission accomplished.

Do you like revisiting certain cities? Do you get more the second time around?

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  • Dominique says:

    Love the photos-especially the one of all the tourists taking photos! I got more out of London the second time I went. I spent more time wandering around just experiencing the city since I did the “tourist must-do’s” such as Buckingham Palace, etc. on the first trip.

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