Tübingen On A Cloudy Day

Two summers ago I stopped in Germany to visit my dear friend Verena for a few days. Aside from letting me stay in her beautiful home (which has a castle view!), and feeding me delicious German breads and pastries, she also took time off work to show me around the Baden-Württemberg area. And on most days, like our afternoon in Bebenhausen, we stumbled upon great surprises!

Tuebingen and its charming architecture

This particular afternoon was spent in the town of Tübingen. Sitting on the banks of the Neckar River, this charming university town was enough to brighten up a cold and cloudy summer day.

The Neckar River, Tuebingen

Baskets of flowers in various shades of lavender, ochre, ivory and magenta lined the bridges and lampposts bringing a fresh energy to the streets. The town was as picturesque as could be, and it’s colourful waterfront buildings had me conjuring up postcard images of Copenhagen.

Tübingen on the Banks of the Neckar

Aside from the bicycles lining the streets, I didn’t see much evidence of the university students that day, but I certainly enjoyed wandering the town’s crooked streets.

Student Bikes

I wish I’d had more time to spend in Tübingen because I have a feeling it would have really grown on me. Then again, between its forests and castles, most towns in Baden-Württemberg seem to have that effect on me.

The Streets of Tübingen

Have you been to Tübingen?


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