Inside My Korean Apartment

What does the inside of a Korean apartment look like? A few people have been asking, and I finally got around to having the place looking presentable enough to film the grand tour. So come have a look inside, and well, you’ll also hear me ramble about SPAM and U2. Yeah…

I live in an officetel (office + hotel) which looks the same as a studio apartment. Many of the people in my building are business professionals who use their apartment as a personal office; for me this office sized space is a home. It may be ‘cozy’ by North American standards, but it has exactly everything I need, as well as some added bonuses like heated floors and a heated toilet seat – I’m telling you, this is quite the luxury in the wintertime. I’ve been feeling at home in Korea these days, and I’m sure these little extras have something to do with it.

Studio Apartment, Officetel in Korea

I got pretty lucky with this apartment. All the appliances are modern and the design is very chic; I’d go as far as comparing it to the interior of an IKEA catalogue. I remember searching for videos of Korean apartments on YouTube before coming out here, and the majority of them showed dreadful accommodations – I’m talking wallpaper peeling off the walls, and a rumbling fridge positioned directly across the bed to ensure a peaceful night’s rest… I was ecstatic when I walked into this cute little place instead.

P.S. Did you notice THE automated door lock that caused me this nightmare? πŸ˜‰


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