Ann House: Doll Cafes in Korea

I’ve had my eye on this place for months.

Audrey (That Backpacker) in a Korean Doll House Cafe

How could I not? Every time I ride past it on a Friday night I see couples sitting in cute little booths, sharing a laugh over dessert, and it just looks so pink and sparkly from the outside.

I’m not the kind of girl who drags the boy on all these girly dates (really!), but this was too good to pass up. I mean, it’s so…Korean. Let’s call it a cultural experience. A study on dating and romance in Korea. A journalistic exposé on – okay, who am I kidding, I just wanted to eat cake in a pink doll house.

Warning: This video comes with a heavy dose of goofiness, a lesson on Korean posing, and it may leave you craving an Oreo chocolate milkshake.


We were greeted by men in white button-down shirts and aprons (and pants of course, they weren’t just wearing aprons…), and were then ushered into our own private booth. Korean love songs played in the background, many of which I knew after close to 8 months in the country.

Walking into our alcove was like setting foot in Barbie’s living room – antique white sliding doors with frosted window panels, veil-like curtains, a pink glass chandelier, cream coloured sofas with coral flowers, and more pink flowers on the wallpaper. The whole time I kept thinking, “I should have worn a dress. I should have worn a dress!” I’m surprised the boy didn’t bolt for the door! (Psst, I’m convinced he secretly enjoyed it.)

The waiter left us me giddy in the room with a pink leather menu to look over. A little bell at the table allowed us to call him when we were ready to order our desserts. While they had sandwiches and a few select lunch dishes on the menu, it was the lattes, ice creams, cakes, and milkshakes that really stood out. This is place to get your sugar fix! We ordered a slice of cheesecake and an Oreo chocolate milkshake that I am still fantasizing about – I could taste the Oreo cookie crumbs, people! And as you can probably tell from the video, I hardly shared.

So if you find yourself in Korea, drag your man out to a doll cafe, and maybe wear a cute dress. These cafes can be found all over the city, and our outing only came up to 10,000 원, which is less than 10 USD.


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