Tim Burton Exhibit in Seoul

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Tim Burton’s art exhibit at Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) in Seoul. The exhibition has been travelling all over the world making stops in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, and is now on its last stop in Seoul, South Korea.


It turns out that aside from being a film maker, Tim Burton also happens to be an artist and a busy one at that.

The man clearly never sleeps!

This exhibit holds 862 pieces of his art work including doodles on napkins, drawings, paintings, short films; not to mention all the costumes, movie props, poems, and even correspondence with editors who turned down one of his illustrated books because it was deemed too similar in style to Dr. Seuss.


The exhibition was divided into three phases. Surviving Burbank focused on the first eighteen years of Burton’s life and dealt with him trying to survive the boredom that comes with growing up in suburban California. Beautifying Burbank encompassed his time attending CalArts as well as his time working as an animator for Walt Disney, where there were a few artistic clashes due to Burton’s strange and somewhat gruesome style. The last stage, Beyond Burbank, looked at his latest body of works dating from 1985 to the present. This section focused on his films and how each of his characters came about through drawings.

What he envisioned on paper really is what you see on the movie screen.


Now a warning: if you do decide to visit the art gallery on a weekend afternoon, prepare to be shocked by the masses of people there. There was a line to buy tickets outside, then there was another line to get a number for admission (my wait time was an hour so my friend and I popped over to a nearby coffee shop), and once inside there was yet another line of people circling their way around the room for a look at the artwork. I daresay SeMA beats the MoMA in New York City in terms of its crowds.


However, there’s lots of people watching to do while you wait, like this girl I found sporting a bright pink furry hat. That’s some style, Seoul!


No photography was allowed inside the art gallery, so you only get a look at the main lobby and the halls, but what was inside was good!



Dates: The exhibition runs from 2012/12/12 to 2013/04/14.
Admission: 12,000 won
Location: Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
Address: 37 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 AM to 8PM, Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

Are you a fan of Tim Burton?


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