Mornings in Melaka


Mornings in Melaka begin before the sun has even risen.

I am usually woken up by the call to prayer which echoes over Chinatown from the mosque just across the street. It used to startle me out of bed, but after a week here I have become accustomed to the resounding cry. Some days I even beat the imam to it and am already up brushing my teeth, having a shower, or eating dim sum for breakfast at the dumpling restaurant which sits directly across from the mosque.

Yes, dumplings for breakfast.


There is a rather famous establishment which opens its doors at 5 in the morning and we are there soon after without fail. The crowd consists of locals grabbing a bite to eat before they head to work, and then you have us – the two Canadians with insatiable appetites. Β This morning feast was one of our favorite things to do in Malacca.

Waiters come around carrying little dishes that hold little steamed treats and we choose everything that looks appetizing not really knowing what dumpling contains. It’s a guessing game where we’re sometimes able to decipher the contents, while other times we’re left to enjoy the flavours not really knowing what you’ve just eaten.

From there it’s time to explore the town. Some mornings we pick up a pair of rusty bicycles that run on one gear and cycle down to the Strait of Malacca, while others we lazily work our way up the riverbank which is lined with vibrant street art.


By 10 in the morning the sun starts burning over the city and it is time to take cover. We head to another cafe in Chinatown for our second breakfast (because I’m the kind of girl who likes eating 5+ times a day minimum) and order a toasted banana with honey and oats, along with a fresh fruit platter. I devour most of it while the boy is not looking, but hey, my food motto is ‘you snooze, you loose’.

Happy and fed it is time to head back to bed for a midday nap (we did get up early after all). The day’s activities won’t resume for several hours once it begins to cool down again.


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