Cendol: The Way to Cool Down in Malaysia

Cendol: The Way to Cool Down in Malaysia

A room with AC?

A cold shower?

A fan?

All of these things help, but the best way to combat Malaysia’s arduous heat and humidity (in my opinion) is with a bowl of cendol!


Cendol is an unlikely dessert, and something that I wouldn’t have dared try just a few years ago; the ingredients alone would have been enough to make me turn up my nose and head to a different food stand.


This refreshing dessert is popular in several South East Asian countries, and is made using shaved ice, coconut milk, palm sugar, glutinous rice with green food colouring (which resembles slimy worms!), red kidney beans, and sometimes even corn (I can’t say I care very much for the latter two).

I ate this for dessert after lunch, for my mid-afternoon snack, and sometimes after dinner the whole time I was in Melaka.

Ahhhhh, refreshing!

Have you found any foods that help beat the heat?

Flickr image by by derrickphotography.


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