Phuket: A Holiday on the Andaman Sea

Every year tourists flock by the thousands to visit an amazing little island in Southeast Asia – Phuket. To some, this places looks fascinating, even surreal, because of the amazing limestone karsts and pristine beaches, but the allure is also in the world class restaurants and hotels. Here are some ideas for things to do around this beautiful island:


Take a trip through Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay and the southern islands are one of the many highlight of a visit to Phuket. The natural scenery in this area has been featured in cinema, including a James Bond films. The limestone karsts that go vertically from the water will leave you marveling at nature. If you want to have the best experience, take a boat trip, since you’ll be able to enjoy the marvels of the bay in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Have a walk through the streets of Old Phuket Town

Immersing in the Sino-Portuguese outlook of that area, you will find some of the best shops and restaurants in the old town. Grab a bite at a local street stand or at one of the many international restaurants, and then enjoy a leisurely walk through the streets at night.

Go sightseeing in Wat Chalong and other temples

Wat Chalong is the best known temple out of all those found on the island. This frequently visited temple will certainly make an impression to you, especially if you’re not familiar with the local architecture. It’s decorated with thousands of shimmering glass mosaics that make for a spectacular view.

Go to the foothills of the Big Buddha Statue

This recent arrival in Phuket can be seen from the city center. The statue is 45 meters high and standing in the feet of Buddha will make you feel incredibly small.

Visit Phi Phi Island and its beach

The Phi Phi islands are a popular boat trip from Phuket. Six islands are a part of this group and they lie only 50 kilometers away from Phuket. Various day tours are available from the harbour and you’ll have the chance to swim or snorkel at some of the beaches in the area.

There’s more to Phuket than these five, but you’ll have to come here to find out. Have a nice trip!

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