The Old Port City of Jaffa in Photos

If I had to pick the most scenic place I visited during my time in Israel, I would choose Jaffa.

This ancient city sits on a little outcrop along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and while it is surrounded by the modernity of Tel Aviv, Jaffa is a place that is very much frozen in time.

It’s a place of sturdy limestone walls and blue shutters, arched doorways and hidden alcoves, sloping alleys and winding staircases. It’s difficult to get lost here since the city is so small, but for a few brief moments it does feel like you’ve set foot in a complete different world.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the place:

The architecture of Jaffa (Yafo), Israel.

Blue window shutters and blue skies in Jaffa.

An intricate doorway in Jaffa.

A hidden alcove in Jaffa, Israel.

Turquoise window treatment in Jaffa.

Sign pointing to Jaffa's port.

An empty alley in Jaffa (Yafo), Israel.

Doorways and verandas in Jaffa.

Another hidden alcove down an alleyway in Jaffa.

The House of Simon in Jaffa, Israel.

Yellow doorway with matching windows in Jaffa.

Coral flowers growing on the wall.

The ancient walls of Jaffa.

Gated doors in Jaffa.

What’s your favourite city to get lost in?



  • Vid says:

    Hey Audrey,

    Our favourite city to get lost in has to be Rome. I know I know, it’s a huge city so one inevitably gets lost, but in Rome we loved how we stumbled upon intricately carved statues and historically significant buildings 🙂

    Jaffa does look quaint and cute – bookmarked for the next trip 🙂


    • Audrey says:

      I bet Rome is amazing. I haven’t had the chance to travel there yet, but I’m sure I too could spend days wandering around and getting lost in it all.

  • Beth says:

    All that ornate detail is beautiful on the doors and windows. Although I plan to someday visit Tel Aviv, I think I’d much prefer Jaffa!

    Older cities are just more fascinating. 🙂

  • Renuka says:

    So pretty! I would love to visit Jaffa someday! Beautiful pictures. 🙂

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Renuka, I highly recommend visiting if you make it to Tel Aviv. Jaffa is so small that you can easily cover it in a day. 🙂

  • Jackie D says:

    I LOVED Jaffa. I have that same picture of the “To the Port” sign. I’m not sure which city is my favorite to wander around, but it would probably be somewhere in France! Give me a French town and a chocolate croissant and I’m pretty much good to go.

  • Rachel of hippie in heels says:

    such brilliant photography! awesome!

  • Agness says:

    Wow, like a fairy-tale place! I love these charming sturdy limestone walls and blue shutters, arched doorways and hidden alcoves!

  • Small towns like Jaffa always make me fantasize about moving there, becoming a local and knowing everyone by name. Very much like the opening scene in “Beauty and the Beast.”

  • Shaz says:

    Looks like somewhere I could stay a while, I love old building and bright colours 🙂 Beautiful photos, I’ll have to visit someday.

  • Jeff says:

    Beautiful shots Audrey. I would love to settle here in Jaffa. Its really a cool place.

  • Franca says:

    The more I read about Israel and that part of the world, the more I’d love to go myself. Thanks Audrey for the inspiration 🙂

  • Dennis Kopp says:

    Those are really great photos of a calm and peaceful, almost deserted looking city. The whole of Jaffa appears to be almost like a real life history museum, set in limestone and framed by casually opened blue shutters. I love especially the shot of the fake rusty window mirroring the fake blue window…

    Thanks for the inspiration and I will make sure to remember visiting Jaffa when in close by Tel Aviv…

  • Christina says:

    These streets look gorgeous! Did you cab down to Jaffa from downtown Tel Aviv or is it walkable?

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