The EngRish Edition: Cracker Sand

One of the perks of living in Asia is that you find misspelled signs and nonsensical packaging labels to entertain you for hours on end. I’ve been snapping photos of these since my first week in Korea, so it’s about time I start sharing some of these humorous gems with you.

The perfect snack for a beach picnic?

I picked up these ‘sandy’ crackers my first day in Korea. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the strange dining options and not knowing a thing about Korean cuisine, I raided a local convenience store for familiar food. My apprehension to Korean food wouldn’t last very long; a week later I was eating grilled eel.

Do you have a funny โ€˜engrishโ€™ photo youโ€™d like to share? If so, you can drop me a line here.

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13 replies on “The EngRish Edition: Cracker Sand”
  1. says: Naomi

    Haha!! Oh, Konglish. There’s nothing I’ll miss more. Just the other day I passed a jewellery store called ‘Bikini Virus’…

  2. says: Arianwen

    My favourite was a Thai beach bar that was serving up ‘Stir fried crap with curry powder’! It was even one of those menus with dodgy pictures of each meal. It looked quite a lot like crap, but, nevertheless, I’m hanging onto the hope that they meant crab.

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      Haha, that paints a very vivid image in my mind…sounds explosive! Not sure I’d be able to enjoy the crab after that… ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says: Zhu

    I’m a huge fan of cheese cream, especially when on cracker sand! ๐Ÿ˜†

    I took some interesting Chinglish signs when in China. But hey, I find some language fun around here as well, in Canada!

  4. says: Sheryll

    I’m doing a ‘Konglish’ lesson with my students now, and they think it’s the most HILARIOUS thing of alllllll time. One student almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard hahaha!

  5. says: Callie

    Cracker sand, hahaha! Love it. I saw a menu outside a restaurant in Spain once that was offering “calluses”, “meat pumps” and “thorns.” I still wonder what a meat pump is….

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      Mmm mmm, what to choose first? Haha, those meals sound more painful than appetizing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. says: Jonny Blair

    Audrey this “Engrish” section of your website really makes me laugh – I’ve had a load of funny moments reading English on my travels and collated them once into a facebook album. The funniest ones were a shop called “Dick Tea” in Shin Ying in Taiwan and a nail clipping shop called “Hand Job” in Singapore! Keep up the good work. Jonny

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