The EngRish Edition: Bastard Halibut

I spotted this ‘engrish’ sign at the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan. After selecting your fish on the ground floor  you can take it upstairs and have it prepared to perfection. The ‘bastard halibut’ looked like a tasty option, but my question is – how do they decipher the illegitimacy of the fish?

Bastard halibut 'engrish' sign

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    1. says: thatbackpacker

      Haha, I did not. After wandering through the fish market all I wanted for dinner was a cooked meal without seafood. 😀

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      I can’t figure it out either. At first I thought maybe ‘battered’, but all the dishes they served there were raw so that wouldn’t have made any sense either. I guess we’ll never know! 😀

  1. says: Juliann

    I love signs like these! I probably would have ordered the bastard fish if only to make him feel like he had a momentary mother.

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