Namsan and Seoul Tower in Autumn

Remember how a few months ago I was raving that spring in Seoul is the best time of year? Well, I changed my mind – autumn is! Sure, it’s a little nippy and I’ve already taken to wearing leggings, wool socks, a fleece, touque, and mittens, but once you’re all bundled up in your warmest layers, it’s still nice enough to spend some time outdoors.

Seeing this as one of our last opportunities to explore the city while the colours are at their brightest, this past weekend the boy and I ventured to Namsan (남산).

Namsan (South Mountain) and Seoul Tower in Autumn, Korea

Namsan, which translates to South Mountain, is located north of the Han River in the city of Seoul. You can reach the peak by cable car, but we opted to get off the subway at Myeongdong (명동) and walk uphill from there. With a 262 meter peak, it’s certainly not the most daunting mountain out there, but the hundreds of steps were quite the workout.

Namsan and its vibrant colours in the fall, Korea

There were plenty of couples, families, and young friends out that day enjoying the beautiful weather. In true Korean fashion, many of them were clad in their best hiking gear; almost a year in to my time in Korea, it still makes me chuckle to see people sporting hiking boots and walking sticks in the city.

Sam and Audrey on their way to Namsan, Seoul, Korea

These round mirrors have become a photo op every time I see one. They can be found methodically placed at every curve, sharp turn, and underground exit across the country.

Leaves in autumn, Seoul, Korea

The trees at Namsan were a their most vibrant with shades of gold, ochre, vermillion and tangerine. I thought the best of the season was past us, but clearly autumn had one last little surprise for us.

Red leaves in autumn, Fall in Korea

These little leaves remind me of the maple trees back at home. It’s like a little slice of Canada in this faraway land.

Audrey at Namsan, Seoul

Here’s to looking giddy on a Sunday afternoon. What’s there to smile about? Could be the pretty colours, the redhead behind the camera, or the fact that I now have less than 100 days in the country which means I am already daydreaming of the tropics. Tickets have been booked but I’m not telling you where to just yet!

Our weary feet atop Namsan in Seoul

Our reason for climbing up to Namsan was to put ‘love locks’ on the fence located at the base of the tower. You can expect a post on that soon.

What’s your favourite city in the fall?

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  1. says: David @ That Gay Backpacker

    V pretty. London is beautiful in the Autumn time, but right now we’re in full on Winter, which is quite a bit less pleasant 🙁

  2. says: Tom @ Waegook Tom

    Ahh this is so pretty! I can’t believe you like spring, though – too much rain. I’ll take any season over spring, even the brutal winter and sweaty summers. Autumn in Korea is magical, the colours are so beautiful and vivid, and the weather so cool and crisp. It makes me actually like going for walks in mountains and places with lots of trees. Believe me, that’s not a likely occurrence in any other season.

    1. says: Audrey

      I liked it mostly for the cherry blossoms and because mid to late spring was the ideal summer weather, as opposed to the brutal summer weather which involved stripping the minute one walked into the apartment. Haha

  3. says: Colleen Brynn

    I love your video bloopers… And that cat matches the foliage!
    I have to say Waterloo was spectacular this fall… the gorgeous colours of the trees gave me a constant reality check during the grind of midterms… there is more out there than just school! Beautiful trees too! Hehehe!

    1. says: Audrey

      Yeah, I didn’t even see the cat at first because it blended in so well! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Waterloo. I really liked your photos of the farmer’s market. 🙂 It must be even nicer now in the fall.

  4. says: Leszek

    Those photos looks so great! Apparently autumn is the most beautiful time of the year in Korea. I visited end of spring. Was still awesome, but not THAT colourful! 🙂

  5. says: Suzzane from Travel Universally

    I simply love the Autumn season, it makes me feel like I am in heaven . Moreover the seoul tower is making me draw my sport shoes on.

  6. says: Nate

    Ahhh!! This made me miss Korea so much! I visited Seoul Tower when I taught there and thought it was one of the better attractions in Seoul. Unfortunately I didn’t go in the fall so I missed all those beautiful colors! Great pics by the way 🙂

  7. says: Alexa Hart

    Fall was my favorite time in Korea too! Loved going hiking to see lots of the colors. Before my boyfriend and I left Korea, we put one of those locks on the gate where all the locks of love were. Good memories 🙂

  8. says: Ceri

    God, those colours are just to die for. <3 I miss the colours of Autumn so much … and winter! I like year-round sunshine here but sometimes it's the little things you kind of crave for. 🙂

  9. says: Mallory

    Autumn in Seoul looks so beautiful! I hope to be able to visit Korea again during that time of the year and make the trek up to Namsan Tower. I took the bus up there last time, but I would like to walk up there.

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