Melaka’s Temples and Shrines

I was planning to write about Cheng Hoon Teng Temple in Melaka – the oldest temple in all of Malaysia. However, it would be a shame to only highlight one temple when this very stretch of road is home to shrines, a Hindu temple, a mosque, and countless Buddhist temples.

Sprinkled on either side of a quiet road that runs parallel to Jonker Street, Harmony Street (as it is nicknamed), is home to places of worship for a number of faiths.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam – they are all represented in an unlikely area: Chinatown.

Here is a look at the neighbourhood through some of my favourite photos:


Red incense sticks are offered to a deity.


 A red lantern hangs inside the temple grounds.


 Incense smoke blows inside a Buddhist temple.


Incense can also be seen burning in front of homes.


Morning light trickles in through the temple doors.


 Green dragons wrap themselves around the columns.


Cigarettes are lit as offerings.


A small shrine down one of the side streets.


Little golden Buddhas.


 Gold writing on the wall.


 Red guardian at the gates.


 Another little temple at the end of the street.

Have you ever visited a place like Melaka’s Harmony Street where various faiths coexist?

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  1. says: Tristan

    Very nice. This really makes me miss Asia. I lived in Beijing for three years and haven’t been back since. I do love the smell of incense in the temples, though I wouldn’t miss the cigarette kind…

  2. says: Zhu

    Great pictures! I can almost smell the incense…! I love temples. They are colourful and still “exotic” to me. Plus everyone is welcome… they are pretty inclusive.

    1. says: Audrey

      I love the smell of incense! People keep telling me that after a few months I will get ‘templed out’, but so far I’m enjoying visiting each and every one. 😀

  3. says: Sam

    I loved Melaka, and the almost nonchalant co-existence of several religious practices was part of what made it so appealing. Great pictures, by the way!

  4. says: Maria

    You should consider creating printed post cards from many of your photos.
    I’d add a one or two sentence ID blurb on the reverse with a link to the post it came from.
    I’d buy a pack of those! 🙂

  5. says: DebbZie

    I love Jonker street, so many delicious food. I was there in January but only a day trip from Johor, so I didn’t really have time to explore the temples 🙁
    Great pictures, Audrey! 😀

  6. says: Emir

    I live in Melaka 🙂 have you been to Kota A’Famosa? That is one of the historical places in Melaka and no fee needed for you to enter. Talking about foods, you need to try Rojak, Sate (pronounce as sa-te), Roti Canai, Garlic Naan with tandoori chicken, Nasi Lemak, and many more. Hahaha. Have a nice tour in Malaysia. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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