The Noordin Mews in the Heart of Georgetown

This past week I had the pleasure of staying as a guest at the Noordin Mews, a boutique hotel in the heart of Georgetown.


Setting foot through the main doors of this boutique hotel, we are greeted with a welcoming smile and ushered into a private oasis of lush vegetation that feels miles away from the rumble of this busy city.

After having our weighty bags carried over to our pool front room, we are brought a welcome drink and bid an enjoyable stay.

The Room


The Noordin Mews prides itself in its attention to detail, and they have done an outstanding job in staying true to Penang’s Peranakan culture. The walls are adorned with vintage posters and photographs. Our room even has a glass display case holding treasures from an era long gone, including a string of pearls, perfume bottles, and an ornate compact mirror. With its thoughtful design, it is easy to be transported back through time to a different period.


A day bed by the window provides the perfect reading spot, while the living area is the perfect place to plan the following day’s activities or get caught up on the latest travel documentaries and movies.

The Pool


While you can sit by the poolside and read the latest in travel and luxury magazines, the deep turqouise pool beckons for a dip. Jazz classics are audible in the background while you swim the length of the pool, and the hotel staff are most attentive to bring you a glass of ice water before you even have a chance to realize that you’re thirsty.


Living Area & Library


A spacious seating area with maroon leather sofas and rouge silk pillows invites you for a reprieve from the midday heat. This space has been thoughtfully decorated with antique suitcases, hand painted vases, original floor tiles in the colonial style, and furniture that remains true to the period. The complimentary Wi-fi makes this a great little spot to get caught up on a little work and e-mails.



Breakfast is included and served all fresco by the pool; you will be spoiled for choices every morning! My personal favorite was the muesli with fresh fruits, yogurt, and milk, or the homemade french toast with maple syrup. Alternatively, you can opt for an Asian breakfast menu which is changed daily.



What I like about this hotel is that with 16 rooms it is a very personal environment where you are sure to be well looked after. The staff were friendly and attentive, and did an outstanding job ensuring that all the guests were happy. If you ever find yourself travelling in Malaysia and Georgetown is on your itinerary, this is a property that I highly recommend.

Thank you Noordin Mews for a truly enjoyable stay!

53 Noordin Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia


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  1. says: The Guy

    It looks like a fabulous little hotel with lots of character and thought put into it. However, if your room is right beside the pool could it not become a little bit noisey if you are in the room and can hear people playing in the pool?

  2. says: Sofie

    Looks like a nice place to stay indeed.
    Would definitely go for a swim each day in a pool like that. And breakfast looks the way I’ll have it any day:)

  3. says: Erica

    This wasn’t expected – considering the name of your blog. A pleasant surprise! I like that you’re not limiting yourself to only staying in hostels or low-budget accommodation because you’re backpacking. Thanks for taking the time to review this beautiful place. And good idea to go for the larger post format. Love the pool shots! What a luxury to be able to go for a swim before breakfast or after a day out in the city.

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