Passport Tag: Stamps and their Stories

So a couple of months ago a game ofย Passport Tag was started on YouTube by Evan and Rachel. The idea? Pick up your passport and answer 5 simple questions about a few of the visas and stamps you have collected during your travels.

Being the crazy travel enthusiasts that we are, Sam and I decided to sit down and talk about our own passports. Now I’d like to point out that Sam had the total upper hand on this one seeing as he’s had his current passport for at least 4 years (!) and I had to renew mine over the summer, but here it goes, our Passport Tag:


1. Most recent stamp?
2. First stamp in your current passport?
3. Coolest looking stamp?
4. Most meaningful stamp?
5. Most difficult stamp to get?

If you decide to do your own Passport Tag, just answer the 5 questions above and also let me know in the comments – I’d love to check out your videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. says: Corinne

    What a fun game! Jim and I just got new passports as well, but we’re starting to get some cool stamps in them. Nothing like our old passport though…oh the possibilities!

  2. says: Vid

    So cool!

    You already know the story behind our Bruised Passports ๐Ÿ™‚ I am on my 4th passport and Savi on her 3rd !

    Video shall come soon, but here are my 5 answers:

    Most recent stamp: Mauritius
    First stamp in the current passport: India (haa!)
    Coolest looking stamp: Egypt
    Most meaningful stamp: Singapore
    Most difficult stamp to get: Morocco


  3. says: corryn


    that’s an interesting game.. ๐Ÿ˜€ I will join it but won’t make the video. :p my answer for the questions :’

    1. Most recent stamp? Singapore
    2. First stamp in your current passport? Malaysia
    3. Coolest looking stamp? Thailand
    4. Most meaningful stamp? Thailand
    5. Most difficult stamp to get? I got all the stamps easily because I just been in Southeast asia that I can get free visa for 30 days. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. says: Katie

    Great game! I love being nosey and looking at all the stamps in other people’s passports. I don’t have all that many in my current passport, mainly because, as an EU citizen, my passport doesn’t get stamped when I travel to other EU countries. Hence my most recent stamp being a few years old – it’s been too long since I’ve ventured out of Europe!

    But here goes:

    1: Most recent stamp: departed Singapore
    2: First stamp in the passport: Turkey
    3: Coolest looking stamp: definitely Turkey – it comes with a little sticker for my entry visa (a slightly dodgy-seeming process where you basically just hand over a ยฃ10 note at passport control, then they’ll stick the sticker in your passport and you’re allowed in)
    4: Most meaningful stamp: first entry stamp to Australia, when I left home and moved to Melbourne three years ago
    5: Most difficult stamp to get: Principality of Hutt River

  5. says: Victoria

    Okay, so I’m going to cheat and use my old passport, because I’m working off of a brand-spanking-new passport.

    1. Most recent stamp: U.S.A. Houston, Texas for work
    2. First stamp in my current (last!) passport: Glasgow, U.K.
    3. Coolest looking stamp: Zambia
    4. Most meaningful stamp: Paris – first trip with my then boyfriend, now hubby
    5. Most difficult stamp to get: Zimbabwe. Longest I’ve ever waited at a border for a visa, and even then the way they talked to us, it was almost as though we weren’t gonna make it!

  6. says: DAYUHAN

    Traveling is my passion, I love to discover and see by my naked eye what a certain place could offer me and to utter the phrase, I had not seen anything like it!!, and i want the feeling of being a stranger to a place which is totally new to me, knowing the life of the locals and most especially satisfying my self of the new learning that I got from every travel I made.
    Travel stamps and visa stickers is the best souvenir from my travels because the way I see it, just looking on to these stamps it reminds me of that great place where I got that stamp.. So here’s mine!!!

    1.Most Recent stamp: Japan,fascinated by the Japanese people extremely polite.
    2.First stamp in my recent passport: Thailand,it was in 2011, first trip with my family, worth remembering.
    3.Coolest looking stamp: South Korea, i find it cool because it was my first time traveling alone.. Cool!!
    4.Most meaningful stamp: Malaysia, I simply love the place.
    5.Most difficult stamp to get: Myanmar,because of the short time to prepare, I have to apply at there embassy and since no direct flight to Rangoon I have to gravel to Kl,Malaysia to transfer a flight to myanmar.. To top it all I admire their temples..

    Thank you and have a safe travel to all of us.. God bless

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