The Versalette: The Ideal Outfit for Girls Who Travel + GIVEAWAY!

Earlier this year I heard about a pretty cool company that designed a clothing article that can be worn 30 different ways. As a girl who travels and often overpacks, I was intrigued by the idea. One outfit, thirty ways? This could potentially make my suitcase a whole lot lighter!


To give you a bit of background information, is an American company based out of Denver, Colorado. Their mission is to create apparel in a sustainable way, meaning their pieces aren’t manufactured in overseas sweatshops, rather at home. I really liked the team’s vision and the creativity behind their designs, so I decided to test out a Versalette during a recent trip to Finland. I was only planning on taking a small Hey’s carry-on for this 9 day trip, so I was a little bit pressed for space – Versalette to the rescue!

Because I wanted to wear the Versalette a lot without looking like I was wearing the exact same outfit day after day, I threw in a few different belts, cardigans, and accessories into my luggage. Over the course of my trip I actually ended up wearing the Versalette a lot more than I initially thought I would. It acted as a sleeveless dress, a capped sleeve dress, a long skirt, and even a poncho.

The Verdict? This piece is going to be coming on a lot more trips with me. I loved the versatility of the outfit, and because it comes in neutral colours (I got charcoal), it was really easy to mix and match, as well as transition from day to night.

Once I came home, I also recruited my two sisters into trying the Versalette out for me. Because the piece is “one size fits most”, I wanted their input. The three of us range in height and size, and while not all 30 looks were flattering on us, we managed to find plenty we liked.

Honestly, I think the best thing you can do with your Versalette is play around with it and see what works for you and what doesn’t, and who knows, you might even find some new ways to wear it.

Versalette-001 Versalette1

And in case you’re wondering how exactly you get one piece of clothing to turn into 30 different outfits, I’ve included a video created by the team which shows you how it’s all done.

And now, time for the giveaway! To enter, be sure to fill out the form below, and leave me a comment on this post letting me know where in the world you would travel with your Versalette. For the sake of keeping shipping costs reasonable, this giveaway is only open to readers in Canada & the United States. (I know, I know! There will be other giveaways for everyone else later this year, I promise!)

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P.S. The blog will be a bit quiet this week as I go off on my Cuban honeymoon, but I will be back at the end of the month! Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, I’ll approve any pending comments as soon as I return. 🙂

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  1. says: Tran Nguyen

    I’m waiting for me pre-ordered charcoal versalette to come in the next few weeks.. But could always use a Black one.

  2. says: Bethany Dickey

    That is so cool!! I have the issue of being a ridiculous overpacker and far too weak to lug a suitcase around…..this would be so convenient for my first 2 solo trips this fall!

  3. says: Mika

    This is the greater thing I’ve ever seen. If I could have one of these I would use a little backpack instead of two suitcases! I’d take my Versalette during my “on the road” trips with my boyfriend 🙂

  4. says: Manny

    I would love to have a Versalette for traveling! After my teaching experience in S.Korea, traveling around China while visiting relatives, and my short trip to Australia, I found that I don’t end up wearing half of what I pack! This multi styled piece would allow me to pack lighter, while having the options of several style without looking like the same piece 🙂 I would love to travel in the near future, and to do some volunteer teaching. Currently, the next destination on my list would be Peru. Since it’s a simple piece, I can have style while blending in with the community.

    Have fun on your honeymoon!

  5. says: Keissy G Acosta

    Omggg the question is where would I not take it because I will definitely take it to every trip possible … I find it amazing the idea of playing with it in so many ways I think its great not only will make us look good but also feel good and comfortable … Love it

  6. says: Renae

    I haven’t got anything very exotic planned, but would love to try out the versalette on a trip to visit friends in D.C. this fall.

  7. says: Belinda

    Nooooooooo. I can’t enter! It does look handy. I’d probably use it as a scarf/cardigan combo. I mostly travel in Asia so I think it would be good for modesty in most uses but a lot of the combos look to be a little revealing. Very cool design though!

  8. says: Faith

    This is the most brilliant thing ever! I will definitely take it with me when I go backpacking around South America. The material is so light, perfect for the warm weather!

  9. says: Pam Bodnar

    I would wear this everywhere as a Sahm. But with upcoming small trips in my home province the versalette would be wonderful to pack. I’m saving for one if I don’t win 😉

  10. says: Jamie Wilson

    This would be the most perfect thing for me to pack when I head to South Africa for the month of Oct. Pick me. Pick me.

  11. says: Kim D

    I would love to wear the Versalette on my trip to South America! What a versatile piece that I can layer in different seasons!

  12. says: Vicky S.

    This would be perfect for my trip in November to Scotland, England, and France. I’m trying to pack light even though I’ll be there two weeks 🙂

  13. says: alimo

    I take my version one Versalette on every vacation… a skirt/shirt/cover-up. I would love the new version: so hip!!

  14. says: Vicky

    I would love to win this as we are off to backpack Europe, New York, Dubai in October, we usually take suitcases as I am a massive overpacker and I have been so worried about trying to squeeze three weeks worth of clothes into a 65l backpack.

  15. says: Alisa

    I would take the Versalette on a trip to Asia to either visit my two friends there, or hopefully if I move there to teach. It seems like it would be a perfect addition to any trip.

  16. says: Natalie

    Where would I take it? Everywhere! 🙂 And more specifically, to my upcoming trips to Disney World, Europe, and the Caribbean. I can totally see this being a crucial piece in my travel wardrobe!

  17. says: Rachel

    Heading all over Mexico in October (Guanajuato, Huatulco, Oaxaca) so this would be amazing!
    After watching that video, I think I’m gonna have to have one!

  18. I didn’t think I would like this, actually but then I watched the video – love the midi skirt. I think this would be great for South East Asia, but I have never been so maybe I’m way off. I’d totally try this out!

  19. says: Jenna

    I hate overpacking, so this looks like a great item to add to my bag for traveling! It’s always great to be able to wear something more than one way–great find!

  20. says: Casandra

    Heading to Turkey and Switzerland in a couple of weeks! I feel like I never bring exactly what I need, I love that this helps with fluctuating weather! Awesome.

  21. says: Sharon of wonder lust

    This piece would be perfect for my backpacking trip in Taiwan , causal for tasting the street food and glam up for night club visit.

  22. says: Carie Gancy

    I would take my versalette to my local coffee shop for coffee or good chai tea while the kids are in school and also visiting family in Pittsburgh and California. Love seamly-co. I have the navy wrap cardigan and LOVE and also would like the seasonless skirt and summer wrap soon!

  23. says: Jo

    I usually hate these ‘wear it a billion ways’ thing, but this one actually looks pretty good! I’m not sold on all these looks, but it’s really good!

  24. says: Lauren

    I would LOVE something like this! I feel like I’m always running out of things to wear, so something that can be changed up quite a bit would be helpful! Plus, fantastic for travel as you mentioned!

  25. says: Kayla Hawkins

    I’d take the Versalette with me on my 6-month-long missions training program and outreach in Germany and Africa!

  26. says: Kate Hide

    Heading to Germany for a month of WWOOFing and Oktoberfest, then back to Canada for more WWOOFing and backpacking… then back to Europe to WWOOF and backpack some more! The less I have to cart about with me the better!!!

  27. says: Valorie

    Ah! That’s so cool! I’ve actually heard of these but never seen someone where them and pull them off. I travel quite a bit – in fact, I’m actually visiting Paris right now for a few weeks – so I’d probably just take it wherever the wind blows me next. We’ll see! If not somewhere else in Europe then almost certainly when I’m visiting family all over the US. Looks perfect for a weekend in Cali! Anyway, even if I don’t win I’ll probably buy one. 🙂

  28. says: milou

    I would wear this on a backpacking trip around Europe. The Versalette is effortlessly chic, versatile, and takes up no space. I could wear it out on a night out with friends or just casually. Also there so many amazing ways of doing a little black dress which looks classy forever.

  29. says: Victoria

    I just returned from travelling and the Versalette would have been very handy! I’d love to pack for for my next trip to Asia!

  30. says: B Rice

    Looks confortable! Traveling over seas soon, could use a versatile outfit, would like like it in black or dark blue please. Thanks!!

    Make some memories!!

  31. says: Kayla

    I have seen this advertised in so many places, but I was skeptical about it! Thank you for sowing pictures of the outfits you and your sisters created they look a bit complicated but I am sure it is easy once you play around with it.

  32. says: Raine

    I’d take it on a road trip we’re going on in October from NY to Seattle and then down the coast to Long Beach. We’ll probably also cross over and visit TJ again too. This would save so much space and be perfect for all of the different temperatures I’ll be in!

  33. says: Carmen

    This looks amazing as I always overpack as well. I just came across your blog through your korean food videos and am so excited to read all about your travels and take inspiration of my own. I recently have become mildly obsessed with kdramas, kpop, and korean culture and would love to go there so I would definitely take the versalette.

  34. This is the PERFECT travelers item of clothing! I would love to take this on a journey through S. America, from the Salsa clubs to the jungles, walkabouts and nice dinners. My home is Seattle, WA and I’d love to try this out and see how it works personally!

  35. says: Madison Johnson

    I plan on backpacking around the United States next summer and this would be perfect to take and help keep me from over packing clothing!

  36. says: Julia Park

    I would take my versalette EVERYWHERE! From the boardwalks in NJ to the streets of Portland, OR and internationally to South Korea! I love Seamly 🙂

  37. says: Cyrielle Sornette

    I would wear it at school, in my internship travel agencies, in New Zealand where I’ll travel and work next year and everywhere I would stop on the way back. For once that something awesomely practical looks really cute ^^.

  38. says: Jessica Singer

    Living in Florida, I could get a ton of use out of this. However, I’m going to SE Asia in January and this would be the perfect addition to take with me!

  39. says: Terri C

    I would take it with me when I travel to…anywhere! I think it goes well in any occasions (like I can wear it in the office during the day and change it to something more appropriate for dinner/party at night!)

  40. says: Kimberly Lowery

    This sounds like the perfect garment to travel to Europe to! You can look chic every-time you wear it! And such a space saver!

  41. says: Lily Lau

    Hey, what a cool product! I’m travelling to Greece next month for a wedding, and I’d love to take it with me and try to transform it into a cool dress for this Greek wedding, it’s quite a challenge!

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