Cherishing Your Memories + MILK Books Giveaway!

Let’s start October off with a giveaway!

This one is a goodie because it’s all about cherishing your memories. I used to be really good about developing my photos after a trip and arranging them in photo albums, but over the years (read: ever since I started blogging), I kind of let that slide. I always think, “yeah, I’ll get to it,” but somehow it seems less urgent when I have all my photos backed up on SmugMug or posted here on the site.

With the wedding photos, however, I was a bit more excited about getting them in print. I may travel a lot, but a girl doesn’t get married every day! I did share some of the wedding photos here on the blog, but I also wanted to have them in an album to look back on every once in a while, so when the lovely people at MILK Books asked to host a giveaway, I was like, chyeaaah!

My parcel just arrived in the mail last week, and here’s a little sneak peek at how the photo book turned out:

Moleskin Milk Books

Moleskin Milk Books 3

Moleskin Milk Books 2

Moleskin Milk Books 5

I was really happy with the results! What I liked about MILK Books is that they had a lot of tools to get creative with: colour palettes, fonts ranging from traditional to contemporary, a wide collection of quotes to match the album theme, a variety of possible photo arrangements, and beautiful linen fabrics for the book cover. I ended up spending a full day working on the book just because there were so many options to play around with!

Another thing I liked about MILK Books is that you can collaborate on a project. Say you’re designing a photo book of memories for a friend who is moving away, or perhaps you’re making a photo album for your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, well, the MILK Books website allows you to invite your friends and family to work alongside you on the same project. You can all upload whatever photos you may have on your end, and then you can collaborate in arranging the images and bringing the project to life.

FYI – If you use this link you can get an additional photo book for free when you place your first order. Not a bad deal if you ask me, but now on to the giveaway!

How to enter the giveaway:

The prize is a credit for $100 USD that you can use at This way you’ll be able to browse through the catalogue and choose something that’s just right for you. I loved the Bespoke Book with custom linen covers, but they have so many different things to choose from – photo albums, canvas prints, boxed cards – that you can really get creative with what you do with your photos.

To enter simply leave me a comment in this post telling me which photos you still need to develop and fill out the Rafflecopter box below.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Best of luck to everyone!

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  1. says: Ashley | Ashley Wanders

    Your wedding book looks lovely! I haven’t developed photos in years, but I think I would choose the photos from my trip to Southeast Asia!

  2. says: Maria Falvey

    Loved your wedding announcement post and happy to read here that you went old school and have a physical wedding album now. You know Audrey, I’ve never printed any of my photos. Something to think about doing this winter. Thanks for the tip on MILK books.

  3. says: Katie

    Your wedding looks so lovely and perfect! Love your dress!! We used to make a photo album for every country we visited… that went out the window when we went to Europe! haha.

  4. says: Emma | Travels on Tour

    Your wedding book looks so beautiful. I still need to make a book of the pictures of my last trip to Paris.

  5. says: Peta

    I would print off my South American Adventure photos that I have just come back from. It feels so long ago and looking back over them, as I edit the photos, makes me want to go back desperately.

  6. says: Jenna

    These are so beautiful! I think it’s so important to keep print alive; there’s something real about holding your memories, something you can’t get browsing through them on your computer! I’d love to put my photos of Big Sur into a MILK Book!

  7. says: Rachel

    Ahh, aren’t the milkbooks stunning! As are your photos!
    My husband and I are yet to print photos of our winery wedding in the Yarra Valley, Australia – and we just celebrated our first anniversary!

    Love how photos enable you to relive the day over and over.

  8. says: Kiara Gallop

    The book looks gorgeous, and a great way to document and treasure those important memories. I am wondering though, as the credit is listed in US dollars, can a MILK book be delivered to a UK address?

  9. says: Nichelle @ Airline Miles Experts

    I so love your wedding book. I and my boyfriend just celebrated our sixth anniversary, how I wish I can print our photos from our first year to the latest pictures we have. I met him when I was 16 years old, it would be amazing to see in prints how we have grown into adults now – together. 🙂

    My fingers crossed !

    Thanks for recommending MILK Book! 🙂

  10. says: Vicky

    Hi Audrey! Congrats again on your marriage, the photos and your new album are beautiful. The pictures I would like to print would be from my trip to Bali. It was such a magical experience for me and a trip that helped me a lot personally and spiritually so to capture it in one of these Milk Books would be really awesome. 🙂

  11. says: Amy B.

    I still need to print out my photos from my trip to Nicaragua, which was my first trip out of America! That was a year and half ago so I really need to get on that, especially since I’ll be leaving the country again in less than a year from now to teach English abroad!

  12. says: Caterina

    I’ve been planning on making a book like this for my recent South America journey, but haven’t picked a site to order it through yet! MILK looks like they did a great job with your wedding album! I’d love to win so I can get it done while my memory is fresh enough to caption everything correctly! 🙂 #travelswithcat

    1. says: Caterina

      Oh and I want to make a book for my family’s trip to Utah last year hiking the national parks to showcase my dad’s photography! #nataleroadtrip

  13. says: Deneal Williamson

    I like the writing through your book. I have not developed photo’s in years! (I do have them backed up in 2 places because I would do more than cry if lost them).
    I think if I was to make a book it would be a collection of random photo’s – family snaps, locations, sunsets. Life, happiness and memories all contribute to make up life so why not join them all together to showcase my own story. I would accompany it with song lyrics – music is raw emotion in it’s best form.

  14. says: Roland

    I would choose to make a book of the pictures I took during my three month stay in Turkey. It was an awesome time living and also working there too. During that stay, I also visited Greece and Amsterdam. This was the best experience ever and it has made me want to travel to more places across the world!

  15. says: Charlotte

    Love this! I’d love to put my travel photos from my upcoming trip in a few months in a book (Iceland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal). Words seriously can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to this trip and this would be such a lovely way to commemorate it.

  16. says: Justine

    What a wonderful idea. I’m a huge procrastinator when it comes to printing out travel photos. But I love the looks of your wedding album. I think it would be awesome to compile some travel photos and create a book. I also love the combination of the photos and text 🙂

  17. says: Jo'di

    Your photos look pretty amazing!

    I’m a student who would really love to win this and decorate my room with pictures I’ve taken on my trips around Asia! I really enjoy taking pictures on my travels and it’ll be incredible if I could get it all in print!

  18. says: Rachel of Hippie in Heels

    I used to love scrap booking.. then it was just albums.. then once the blog happened I don’t even print anymore so this would be neat

  19. says: Kait

    Wow this looks beautiful! I miss the days where you can get film developed and flip through old photo albums. It’s convenient having things like Facebook and such, but you loose a bit of the charm.

    Even though it has been a few years now, I think I would have photo album made of my 3 years in Europe and the UK, only choosing the photos that really mean something and represent the time spent there.

    Kait xx

  20. Love the album! I’m terrible at getting photos printed these days too. We moved right after we got married and never got round to getting wedding album made (though we do have some printed in a special box the photographer gave us). Would love to make one of these!

  21. says: Heather

    I’d love to finally get my wedding photos in a beautiful album! We got married in Santorini and not many products truly display the beauty in these photos. It’s already been a year so it’s about time we got an album!

  22. My goodness, this is JUST my kind of thing! I used to love scrapbooking when I was younger, but these days with everything being digital I don’t even print my photos, which is a shame. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Lovely blog feature, and so glad to have discovered your site from Milk Photobooks.. I am a wedding photographer and just discovered their beautiful Milk & Cream line that I’ve been considering offering to my clients. I love these bespoke albums as well, which have that lovely traditionally handbound feel to them as well. And someday I will get around to printing photobooks of my travels in SE Asia, South Africa, Argentina & the UK! I am so happy for what you are doing, and hope to soon be traveling for work & play.

  24. says: Jemma

    I’d have my photos from travelling in Thailand developed. I think it’d be a really wonderful present for my fiance.

  25. says: Kelsey

    So beautiful! My mom and I were just talking about making something similar! I would love to make a book of various travel memories from the past two years with my fiancé 🙂

  26. says: Emily

    I used to be huge into scrapbooking but have gotten lazy lately. After this year of travel I think something like this would be ideal to capture all the memories.

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