Why do YOU enjoy train travel?

Train travel is my favourite means of transportation. Buses can be cramped, planes can experience turbulence, and I can’t really comment on boats since I haven’t done much cruising, but trains, they make me happy. Who will you meet? What stories will you hear? What will the scenery be like?! I’ve zipped from Prague to Amsterdam, Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and Chiang Mai to Bangkok, and every journey is always an adventure.

So why am I telling you about trains?

Well, the reason is that Rail Europe recently reached out to me to get YOUR opinion on train travel. Whether you are a “regular voyageur, occasional traveler or planning to visit Europe for the first time”, they want to hear your thoughts – love it, hate it, not sure? – and there’s even something in it for you.

In exchange for filling it out their little survey, they are offering you the chance to win 1st class Eurail Global Passes for 2 people. This pass gives you unlimited travel in 28 countries, so if you’re thinking of summer in Europe like I am, this might be a good one to enter!


Train travel in Bulgaria with beautiful autumn colours

Why do I like train travel?

  • You get to enjoy the scenery. For photographic evidence check out the photo above. That’s train travel through Bulgaria in autumn. Pretty nice, right?
  • It’s more spacious than being on a plane. I’m not even that tall, but at 5’7 I feel like a giant every time I board a plane. Trains seats are more spacious and you can stretch out your legs.
  • Trains arrive right in the city centre. So convenient, especially when some airports are located several kilometres from ‘downtown’.
  • It’s often more affordable than paying for a flight. Your wallet will thank you.
  • There are no crazy lines. Yes, those dreaded airport lines for check-in, security, immigration, and boarding…with trains you can avoid them.
  • There’s no turbulence. ‘Nuff said!

Good luck on the survey and I hope one of YOU takes the prize!

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  1. says: Jenia

    This made my evening! We are kind of obsessed with train travel (coming from Russia you either hate it or love it). Besides the reasons you’ve listed, there is also fancy (or not fancy) drinks to be enjoyed on the train 🙂

    1. says: Audrey

      And Russia has one of the most famed train journeys in the world – The Trans-Siberian! I’ve been wanting to do that journey for years!!

  2. I love train travel for all the reasons you just said. It really is my favourite way to travel. I recently had the choice between a 3 hour flight from Guangzhou to Beijing, or the 8 hour high speed train. I picked the train without a doubt. It always seems so much more relaxing and pleasant. I’ll definitely fill in the survey, I’d love to travel around Europe by train. Even though I’m British and have spend a lot of time on mainland Europe, I haven’t used the trains there very much. Oh I’m moving to California soon- I know train travel is not so expensive but do you have any recommendations for awesome Amtrak trips? 🙂

    1. says: Audrey

      California! That sounds like an exciting move. 😀 I haven’t done a whole lot of travel in the US, but I have enjoyed the few train trips I have taken. There’s the Lake Shore Limited which runs from NYC to Chicago, and I also took the Adirondack from Montreal to NYC. Both were really scenic journeys – lots of lakes along the way and it was very green.

  3. says: Zascha

    I love trains when it’s not rush hour. And I’ve always wanted to do the trip from London to Paris with Euro Star. I somehow find it more appealing than flying (I hate flying!)..
    Will definitely fill out the survey 🙂

  4. says: rebecca

    Love trains, easy no fuss option, unlike airports. More scenic views from the ground. The stop on and off features it allows. The people you get to talk to. All for Trains!

  5. says: Susie

    Love traveling by train! I’ve recently traveled from Rome to Milan with Italo and I found it to be a very stress-free experience compared to planes and cars. Thanks for the tip!

  6. says: Ashley

    I love that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of airport check-in and security, the spacious seats, and the scenery of course!

  7. says: Rashaad

    I love train travel because I can view some amazing landscapes – such as the Jura Mountains when I took a train from Bern to Paris once – and sleep 🙂 Although I wish the NJ Transit trains into Penn Station were a lot faster (and a bit cheaper), I feel a sense of excitement when the train pulls into the station.

    I also love the speed at which a train (such as the Shinkansen and the TGV) can traverse a country.

  8. says: Uelito @ Flashpacking The World

    I love to travel by train too. I’m european and it’s quite common to go around by train. The best thing about train-traveling is without a doubt the fact that you have time to enjoy the beauty of the country through the window. The only thing I don’t like much is traveling longer distances over the night in a sleeping wagon. In that case I prefer to fly.

  9. says: Synonym of happiness

    I love trains because of landscapes. I especially love slow trains.
    I remember the first time I did France/Poland by train. I stopped everywhere, it took me 3 weeks.
    Trains leave a lot of freedom in you travels, and also you sometimes get to meet awesome people.

  10. says: Emma Healey

    I love train travel because of the all the reasons you’ve listed but also because we are travelling with a 2.5year old in Europe. If we took flights we’d have to pay for a fare but on trains here in Europe he still gets to travel for free, it varies between countries but some places in Europe allow kids to travel for free up until 6 years old. Train travel is also super kid friendly, you can walk up and down the aisles or visit the restaurant car. We love it!

  11. This post is so timely and very apt. I’m British and I live in Berlin so I love travelling by bus in Eastern Europe but in Germany and Western Europe, the train is absolutely the way to go. I’ve just got back from Barcelona (for TBEX) and of course, I flew there. On the return flight I ended up spending 14 hours at the airport. Sigh!

    I’m going to The Czech Republic and Hungary in the summer and I was thinking of flying. Not anymore LOL!

  12. says: Renuka

    Great survey! I’m sure going to check it out. Agree with everything you said about trains vs planes. the turbulence part really gets me nervous about air travel.

  13. I fully support all your reasons. Steady and comfortable with access to the centre of cities and sometimes the regions too.

    I guess I find train travel the most relaxing of any and a lot less of the airport security delays to contend with.

  14. says: Anita

    Whenever I travel by train, I just want to admire the landscapes. If I could stick out my head from the window like dogs do in cars, I would! Plus, there is a feeling of safety being on the ground.

  15. says: MollyG

    Gosh, I have so much love for trains. The hubby and I just traveled all around Portugal on trains! Affordable, on time, arriving in the city. What is not to love? Now if only my own country (USA) would invest the time and money into our train system that it deserves. Perhaps then we would have fewer tragedies like the crash in Philadelphia that happened two days ago. I can’t wait to get back to Europe and ride the rails again soon!

  16. says: Aijika

    In short. Trains are awesome.
    Generally more space to relax…people come around and offer food and drinks, or there is a ‘bar car’. As long as it’s not a crowded commuter train I love trains, especially sleeper trains. The gentle rocking on the rails. 😀

  17. says: Linda

    Travel by train is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. I prefer train than any other transport.

  18. says: paris taxi

    I love traveling by train! Something about it feels so retro and romantic. Not to mention you get a great view. It is my favorite way to travel!

  19. says: Rebekah

    Hi Audrey! I’m a big fan of your travel posts, heading to Vietnam this summer by myself (first time travelling outside of Europe) and taking a 9 hour train journey and although I love train travel in Europe (especially window seats…) I wonder if there is a massive difference/any advice on your experiences in SE Asia?

  20. says: Rachel

    I love train travel. It can sometimes be cramped when you book your ticket and find that someone (who refuses to move) is sitting in your seat. Not so great when you’re on a 200 mile journey! Haha. But when things are quieter, you are so right. Spacious, perfect to world-watch – and I love the sounds too!

  21. says: Jane Fox

    I think your first point–enjoying the scenery–is really important to me. Sure, getting there is important, but I’m all about the journey when I travel. I’ve ridden several scenic trains here in the USA, and I’ve loved each trip. I think it’s a lot more fun that driving myself.

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