25 Years and 25 Things You May Not Know About Me

Monday is ma birthday! Of course, since I am living and working in Korea that really makes me 27, because they like pinning on an extra two years. You turn one when you are born since 9 months in the womb is apparently close enough to a year…and then you turn two whenever the Lunar Year rolls around, which means everyone’s birthday falls on the same day… Err, I think I’ll just stick to my 25.

I’m turning the big 25.

So, I feel like I should be writing some kind of enlightened post sharing all the wisdom I’ve accrued over the past quarter of a century (pshaw!) but truth is 25 feels pretty normal. I’m not freaking out about my age, I’m not worried about the future, I am excited to be calling a foreign land in Asia my home, I have a handsome red-headed boy ’round my arm, and I have incredible travel plans for the coming year. What’s a girl like me to complain about?

25 Years and 25 Things You May Not Know About Audrey Bergner! Audrey in South Korea
25 Years and 25 Things You May Not Know About Audrey Bergner! Audrey in South Korea

Instead I figured I would have a little fun with this and share 25 little facts about me. It is my day after all. 😉

1 ) I was born in a French speaking Canadian province and my French is deplorable (but not so deplorable that I am completely helpless when travelling through France!)

2 ) My first trip abroad took me to the exciting Peruvian capital of Lima. Six months and this girl already had a passport!

3 ) I grew up speaking Spanish as my first language. ¡En serio hablo español, así que me pueden dejar un mensaje si estan leyendo desde Sudamérica!

4 ) Okay, so maybe I speak a lot of languages… I can manage to communicate to a certain degree in five different ones.

5 ) The boyfriend and I make videos on YouTube.

6 ) I lived in a very rural town in Argentina as a child. My main hobby was making traps in the forest – seriously, I would dig holes and then put branches and leaves over them hoping someone would fall in… Nothing serious – you would have suffered a twisted ankle at most. Gotta create your own entertainment in the country!

7 ) Lisbon is the first city where I travelled solo.

8 ) I have two sisters and they too love to travel! Sometimes with me.

Audrey hanging out and sitting down on the steps in Seoul, South Korea
Audrey hanging out and sitting down on the steps in Seoul, South Korea

9 ) I like wandering down back alleys.

10 ) I studied Humanities in university because it allowed me to take the most random courses like German literature, Islamic architecture, and abstract drawing.

11 ) First memory abroad is that of a demonstration taking place outside the hotel in Buenos Aires when all I wanted to do was sleep. Let the 6 year old have her nap, please!

12 ) I take photos of ‘EngRish‘ signs wherever I go.

13 ) Brazil is the country I have most visited, and Rio de Janeiro feels like my second home.

Audrey Bergner opening up her Korean fan at a Buddhist temple in South Korea
Audrey Bergner opening up her Korean fan at a Buddhist temple in South Korea

14 ) Temple hopping is my idea of a weekend outing.

15 ) I once bumped into 3 people I know in a city that none of us were from. And these three people weren’t even together!

16 ) I want to live in India for a while – even though it tried to kill me.

17 ) I traded grad school in England to work and play in Asia. No regrets!

18 ) I got a nose ring to prove to myself that I wasn’t chicken. I’m quite fond of it now.

19 ) I thought South Korea was going to be rather bland and tame before I moved out here; it’s been anything but that.

Audrey Bergner posing by a Korean sculpture
Audrey Bergner posing by a Korean sculpture

20 ) I could eat street food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

21 ) My first international trip without parents was to California at 18, where I spent a month volunteering in a forgotten community and its surrounding trailer parks. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless.

22 ) I get excited every time one of my articles is published, but it makes me too nervous to read them.

23 ) I used to refuse to sing in front of people until I moved to Korea. Noraebang changed my mind.

24 ) I can’t seem to remember how I celebrated my birthday last year…but

25 ) I’m going in search of Indian food and other adventures for my birthday tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Birthday Audrey! Just turned 25 last May and I can say that we are now in the stage wherein we get a bit sentimental at times (or is it just me LOL). You and Sam should visit the Philippines soon 😀

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      Thanks Mica! I definitely have my eye on the Philippines so once the travels begin, we’ll be sure to swing by. 😉

  2. says: The Boyfriend

    I’m lucky to have met somebody who wants to have a savoury Indian curry for their birthday and enjoys eating cheesecake almost daily a week in advance of the calendar date 😛 Happy birthday Audrey!!!! 🙂

  3. says: Zhu

    Happy birthday!

    These are really cool pictures of you, you know how to take the pose!

    Your linguistic background is interesting to say the least. I’m sure you would have no problem catching up with your French if you needed to, considering you speak Spanish!

  4. says: Michelle

    Happy birthday! My birthday was yesterday and I decided to go out for Indian too! Lucky for me, Bangkok has some delicious Indian options. My tummy wasn’t too happy about it though…

  5. says: Apol of Wanderful Together

    oh so you are turning 26 this month!! 🙂

    German literature, Islamic architecture, few languages!!
    You are one interesting girl Audrey. Just WOW! 🙂

  6. says: Daniel

    Hola Audrey, descubrí tu blog hace 3 días y no puedo parar de leerlo! Soy limeño pero vivo en Corea desde hace 3 años porque estudio la universidad aquí, he visto tus últimos videos en Lima.. 부럽다! Espero que disfrutes de Sudamérica y que puedas leer este comentario.

  7. says: Caroline

    Hello Audrey,
    I know I am commenting almost seven years later (happy belated birthday, haha) but I just came across this blog post. I was curious where you were from. What part of Québec were you born in? And where did you live in Argentina?
    Best regards,

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