April Updates from That Backpacker

April was a fairly relaxed month split between my family’s place in Ontario and Sam’s family’s place in New Brunswick. Many days were spent lounging around in pyjamas, either playing with my dog or trying to woo Sam’s cat, and I also managed to make a couple of new creations in the kitchen. Perhaps not the most exciting stuff to write about, but I do love settling into a daily routine when I’m back home in Canada.

April Travel Updates from Audrey Bergner of That Backpacker: Visiting Valley of Fire, Nevada

Where I went

Canada: Ontario and New Brunswick

USA: Las Vegas, Black Canyon, Valley of Fire, Alamo, ET Highway and Rachel

Nevada road trip highway

April in Review

MADE: This month I really got into making chia puddings. I experimented with all sorts of fruits, as well as a few indulgent alternatives. One of my favourites was this chocolate and peanut butter chia pudding recipe. It turned out delicious and I can’t wait to make it again!

BOUGHT: I treated myself to a new pair of Tevas in Rosebud (similar here) and I’m loving them so far. I think I’ve finally found a fun pair of sandals that are sporty but cute.

WATCHED: I have one guilty pleasure whenever I’m back in Canada, and that’s watching Border Security. There’s this one channel that pretty much plays old episodes all day long, and I’m always baffled by the weird stuff people try to smuggle across the border!

DROVE: I spent 3 days doing a mini road trip in Nevada and Valley of Fire was one of the highlights! The desert landscapes were straight out of painting; picture shades of rust, clay, and ochre as far as the eye can see.

South Africa Travel Inspiration with a lonely planet guidebook

Travel Inspiration: South Africa

I’m heading back to South Africa next month, so here’s a little travel inspiration from my first trip there:

Johannesburg to Cape Town: A 3-week Backpacking Itinerary – you can do it yourself and on a budget.

Going on Safari in Kruger National Park – we spotted the Big Five!

Biking the Cape of Good Hope – if only it hadn’t rained.

Wilderness: The Town that Really Lives up to its Name – one of my favourite stops.

Wine Tasting and Vineyard Hopping in Stellenbosch – this is going to be the focus of my next trip!

Visiting Cape Town, South Africa

What’s next?

Sam and I are going back to South Africa almost 2 years after our first visit! We’ll be travelling in Stellenbosch with a small group of travel bloggers, instagrammers and videographers in what’s known as #Stellenblog. Last time we were in South Africa, we only spent one day in Stellenbosch going winery hopping, so I’m really glad to be going back with plenty of time because the town looked beautiful!

After a week in Stellenbosch, we plan on spending an extra week in Cape Town doing our thing. Cape Town was the final stop of our 3-week backpacking trip across South Africa, so we were pretty beat by the end of it. That combined with rainy weather meant we didn’t’ get to see as much as we’d hoped, so here’s to round two!

I hope you enjoyed this travel update

I’ll hopefully have another one soon.

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