The biggest, baddest blog directory around:

8 Miles from Home – Cinematic travel with a dog
A Backpacker’s Tale – Hitting the road bumps so you don’t have to
A Capricious Compass – Travel and experience blog by LavinaA Cook Not Mad – Guided by a chef’s stomach and photographer’s eye
A Cruising Couple – Two lovebirds slowly, indefinitely traveling the world
A Dangerous Business – One ordinary girl, life’s extraordinary adventures       
Adventure Travel & Hiking – Journey to explores the world, one trail at a time
Adventurous Miriam – One girl, her passion and a whole lot of traveling
Ageless Globe Travels – Jim & Susan love the adventure of independent travel
Ali’s Adventures – Ali’s adventure around the world 
A Little Adrift
– A journey toward knowledge and perspective
Around The World in 80 Jobs – A guide to working your way around the world
Aspiring Backpacker – A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step
Aussie on the Road – Chris’ jaunts around the globe

Backpack Me – Piggy-back ride with A&Z
Backpacker Banter – RTW surfer sharing banter, tips, advice and more
Backpackingman – Travel the world with Jonny
Backpacking Travel Blog – Samuel and Audrey document their travels through silly videos
Backpacks and Bunkbeds – A travel, backpacking and volunteer blog
Backpack with Brock
– Around the world travel blog and adventure coaching
Bacon Is Magic
– Living life with a different set of rules.
BC Born and Bred – All about the beautiful British Columbia
Beers & Beans -A photographer and journalist travel the world
Bel Around the World – Tips on student travel perks and stretching every penny
Be My Travel Muse – Off-beat adventure travel
Beyond Blightly – Because life’s an adventure playground and we only get one pass
Bitten By The Travel Bug – Have you been bitten?
Bohemian Trails –  Global art and culture for the avant-garde traveler
Bold Travel – Adventure travel photography and activity guides by Adam and Meghan
Born 2 Travel  (Travel information and advice that will help you plan your next journey – in both Italian and English)
Bren On The Road – Travel stories, insights and tips for helping you travel safely and cheaply
Bridges and Balloons – Tips and inspiration from two digital nomads
Britain Outdoors – Tips for outdoor travel in the UK

Captain and Clark – The Modern Cartographers
CC Food Travel – Food, travel and adventure
Chasing the Unexpected – Tales from wanderland
Chasing Travel – Cristina, is a 20-something TV journo chasing the globe
Che Argentina Travel – Plan your next trip to Argentina for an adventure of a lifetime!
Confessed Travelholic – A Canadian in Germany
Crossing World Borders – Making travel look easy
Curb Free With Cory Lee – A travel blog devoted to sharing the world from a wheelchair user’s perspective.

Dave’s Travel Corner – A great travel website for information and inspiration
David M Byrne
– Hobbyist photographer, Getty Images Artist & ardent traveller
Different Doors – A travel blog providing you with more stories per journey
Double-Barrelled Travel – Follow Dave and Carmen as they travel sharing their stories and videos

Eating Thai Food – Your guide to eating Thai
Eating The Globe – Capturing restaurants, street food, markets, and food stories
Erika’s Travels – Insights and anecdotes from a life on the road
eTramping – Around the world for less than $25 a day
Expat Edna – Edna is serial expat addicted to living abroad
Explorer Sue – Your Pacific Northwest Travel Resource

Fab Meets World – UK travel & food blog
Ferreting Out The Fun – With an adventurous spirit and an open mind, one can have fun almost everywhere
Finding the Universe – Travel tips, stories, photography, and advice
Flashpacker Family – Join this flashpacker family as they travel the world
Flora the Explorer – Flora explores the world around her
FoXnoMad – Anil Polat, a digital nomad traveling rtw
Francis Tapon
– Writer hiking his way around the world
Frank About Croatia – Croatia Travel Guide and Blog…Frank’s View

Geotraveler’s Niche – Writing and photography by Lola Akinmade-Åkerström
Getting Stamped
– Figuring out life one stamp at a time
Girl vs Globe – a travel blogger, twentysomething student and aspiring grownup
Globetrotter Girls – 2 girls, 1 globe, no regrets
Goats On The Road – For independent and off the beaten path travel
Greg Goodman. Travel Photographer & Storyteller – A Journey Awaits
Grrrl Traveler
– Finding the ‘grrr’ in travel

Happy Frog Travels – It’s all about the place!
Heather on her Travels
– Stories, videos and podcasts
Helen in Wonderlust – Sharing stories, pictures and advice from Africa and beyond
Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel
– Discovering the world one culture at a time

Jessie on a Journey  – Taking you beyond the guidebook
Jon is Travelling – Jon is traveling around the world and teaching overseas
Just One Way Ticket – Sab is half German, half Italian, and currently living in Istanbul

Lateral Movements – Get a life, not a job
LL World Tour – Just a girl in the world

Man on the Lam – Quirky travel and offbeat destinations – A travel blog to inspire you to travel
– Cultural travel and street food around the world
Mismatched Passports – New Zealander – Filipina couple on a journey around the world
Monkeys and Mountains – Adventures in Germany and beyond

Never Ending Voyage – Because life is short and the world is large
Nomadic Notes – Travel blog of a digital nomad
Nomadic Samuel – Samuel takes us around the world and it’s anything but boring

Oneika the Traveller – A serial expat and travel junkie. Her only question is: where to next?
Onestep4ward – Living the dream and convincing you to do the same
Ordinary Traveler – Make it a great adventureOur Oyster – The world is your oyster, just take the first step

Picture Perfect Patagonia – A website dedicated to Patagonia
Picture Perfect Portfolios – Nomadic Samuel’s investing  blog for portfolio + asset allocation design
Pommie Travels – Girl from Manchester who’s been on the road since 2008
Pursuit of Excitement – James Shannon’s travel blog focuses on world travel and outdoors adventure

Runaway Brit – Tales of a girl on the run

Seattle’s Travels – The girl, not the city
Senyorita Travel Blog – Travelogue of a twenty-something Filipina
Sharon Travelogue – Sharon Loh shares her love of traveling, eating, and drinking wine
Slovakation – Tips for those travelling to Slovakia
Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world
Stefan RTW – Sharing destination guides, travel reviews and blogging tutorials
Stop Having A Boring Life – You’ll never know unless you go
Suitcase and Heels – Global adventures of a value-conscious, style-minded traveller

Tech Guide For Travel – Tips for travelling with all your gear
The Blonde Gypsy – Larissa travels and lives around the world
The Broke Backpacker – Travelling the world on the cheap with Will Hatton
The Lost Passport – Traveling the unknown
The Luggage List – Review the best luggage and travel bags
The Jungle Princess – If you want to change your life you must actually change your life
The Pinay Solo Backpacker – Travel blog of a Filipina solo adventurer
The Planet D – Dave & Deb are Canada’s top adventure travel blogging couple
The World Pursuit (Cameron and Natasha, an American couple, love backpacking the world on a budget)
This Battered Suitcase – Brenna lives and travels all over the world
This Way To Paradise – Your tropical destination guide
Todo Tailandia – Viajar a Tailandia
Top 100 Travel Blogs
– List of the top blogs in travel blogging
Tourist 2 Townie – Travel deeper with Gareth Leonard
Travel Addicts – The explorations of 2 busy professionals who work to support their travel habit
TravelFREAK – Inspired stories for the curious traveler
Travel World Heritage (Showcasing and evaluating UNESCO’s world heritage sites)
Travelsauro (Adventure, hiking and scuba travel blog)
Traveling Round The World – Where the hell is Rory?
Traveling Ted
– The very best in outdoor adventure travel
Travel with Kat – Blogger discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines
Treksplorer – A fiercely independent guide to travel, food, and drink.
Tripologist – Jim is traveling around Asia on a budget
TripUSAFrance – Travel tips, news and more from a French native

Wandering On – Brian & Noelle share travel tips, photos, videos and stories
Wanderlust Storytellers – Jolene writes about fun and affordable family travel
Wander Pig – Travel tips and advice
We are Sole Sisters – We make travel happen
We Said Go Travel – Passport to a global community

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