Articles about travel in China including destinations like Yangshuo, Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, and more.

The China category for travelers offers a wealth of experiences and destinations for visitors. From historic landmarks to natural wonders, China has something to offer everyone.

One of the most famous attractions in China is the Great Wall, an ancient fortification that stretches over 13,000 miles across the country. Visitors can explore the wall and learn about its history and significance. Other historical sites include the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, and the ancient water towns of Suzhou.

China is also home to a number of stunning natural wonders, such as the karst formations of Guilin, the Yellow Mountains, and the Jiuzhaigou National Park. Visitors can go hiking, kayaking, or take a scenic drive through the countryside to witness the natural beauty of the region.

For those interested in modern Chinese culture, cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong offer a range of attractions, including high-end shopping, world-class dining, and modern architecture.

China is also known for its delicious cuisine, including dishes such as Peking duck, dim sum, and hot pot. Visitors can take cooking classes, visit local markets, or enjoy street food to sample the local cuisine.

Other attractions in China include the pandas in Chengdu, the Silk Road in Xinjiang, and the traditional festivals and ceremonies throughout the country.

Overall, the China category for travelers offers a diverse range of experiences, including historical landmarks, natural wonders, modern cities, and delicious cuisine. Visitors can choose from a variety of destinations and activities to create a truly unforgettable trip to this vast and fascinating country.