Eating Tasty Thai Roti at the Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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The Chiang Mai Gate Night Market is essentially my dining room. Since my little apartment only has a microwave (which I’ve never used) and a fridge (which only has water bottles), most of my meals are eaten out. While I have a few favourite restaurants around town, it’s the night market that keeps me coming back for its incredibly tasty and affordable food.

Here’s a little video Sam and I made at the night market last night. I was in the mood for pork dumpling noodle soup, but since our favourite vendor was not there, we ended up treating ourselves to a little banana-egg-chocolate roti magic while in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


You’ve seen me eat my fill of roti in Malaysia, but Thailand prepares it quite differently. For starters, Thailand is really big on sweet roti. A man walked over while we were ordering our food and asked for a savoury roti with lamb curry – needless to say he received a very quizzical look from the vendor who explained, “this is dessert!”

We watched the roti be kneaded and stretched into a thin layer of dough before it was placed on sizzling buttery grill. Egg and sliced bananas were added, and our little parcel of sweet goodness was folded as it cooked for a few minutes right in front us. Once it was ready, chocolate sauce and condensed milk were drizzled over top, and voila, a delicious midnight treat!

At 30 baht, which is the equivalent of $1, we can say that’s a bargain!

Eating Tasty Thai Roti at the Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Eating Tasty Thai Roti at the Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Be on the lookout for more street food videos coming to you from the Chiang Mai Gate Night Market and others around town, and let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to see me try. Please don’t say crickets, please don’t say crickets!

Are you a fan of sweet roti?
What are some of your favourite street meals?

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  1. says: Dale

    There’s always room for a banana roti, sometimes even before dinner in our case, but there’s just something about those savoury Malaysian roti’s that do it for me every time.

    Miss them so much.

    1. says: Audrey

      I really enjoyed the roti in Malaysia. There were days when I was actually having it three times a day. It’s just that good! 😉

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