I Think I’m Falling for Seoul: Impressions from Life in South Korea

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Yesterday was my one month anniversary in South Korea! It’s hard to believe I bid Canada farewell a month ago. It feels so natural being here – more like home than my real home, which is kind of strange, but I think that’s simply because I’m doing what I wanted to be doing.

What can I say, Seoul has me smitten! I live just outside the city, but every weekend is an excuse to head back into the place I’m quickly growing to love. Yes, I’m saying love after one month here.

I Think I'm Falling for Seoul: Impressions from Life in South Korea
I Think I’m Falling for Seoul: Impressions from Life in South Korea

So what have I managed to pack into the last 31 days?

I have sang my heart out at a noraebang, visited the largest open air market in Korea, taken soju shots with Korean military men, eaten my fill of pastries, been chased down the metro to be given a rose, eaten meat with far too much fat still attached to it, wandered through Gyeongbokgung Palace, tried deep fried donuts from street vendors, been followed by a man from Kuwait who wanted to practice his English, gotten off at the wrong bus stop but managed to find my way home, paid far too much for fresh produce, eaten eel, been amused by the things my students say, become a regular customer at the kimbap restaurant, travelled by bus and marveled at the countryside, explored one of the largest limestone caves in Asia, chatted with an American expat at the bus stop, been told I look like Milla Jovovich by my banker (I’m flattered, but I don’t), spent mornings playing the ukulele, sang songs from Grease and Mamma Mia with my students, started drinking coffee in order to keep up with these students, window shopped while I wait for my paycheque, taught myself to read Hangul (and it has proven useful!), and above all I’ve laughed a lot.

So cheers to a great month and to many more to come!

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  1. says: Nomadic Samuel (@NomadicSamuel)

    You’re conquering Korea quite well these days 🙂 Some of my favourite quirky moments include an Ajumma (elderly Korean lady) trying to pick the freckles off of my arms at a subway station and the constant comparisons to looking like James Dean. That reminds me, I have a funny post to make on that subject very soon.

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      James Dean, eh? Those are the trials of a foreigner… 😉 haha, I would have loved to see an ajumma trying to pick off freckles. I wonder what she thought they were?!

  2. says: phillegitimate

    I think I’ve read all your Korea posts now, and I still don’t know what city/town you’re in. Where are you? I was in Cheonan for a year; one hour south of Seoul by bus. I tried to do the math; of about 50 weekends in Korea, I spent about 25 in Seoul. Still one of my favourite cities. I still can’t believe I wasn’t blogging regularly back then; I often think about going back just to blog everything I should have blogged about then. Anyway love your snapshots on Korea so far, but WHERE ARE YOU??

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      I’m in Yongin – still haven’t written about the place because I’ve been too obsessed with Seoul! It’s also a 1 hour bus ride into the city, but I quite enjoy the commute. I want to read more about your time in Korea, start remembering! I loved the noraebang post, haha. 😀

  3. says: Anthony

    Sounds to me that you [in fact] are home — to yourself! You are truly blessed, did you know that? You’re comfortable and content. You’re doing what you want to be doing. And you’re laughing! Realize that all that you have…it’s priceless. 

    I’m genuinely happy for you, Audrey. 

    With love and encouragement, keep on doing what you do.

  4. says: thatbackpacker

    Thanks Anthony. Things are really good, I feel lucky to be here. 🙂 I hope things at work are going well for you.

  5. says: megalagom

    Love this! Always so great to hear when expats are doing well in their new country, it is inspiring! Incredible list of what sounds like an unforgettable first month! Looking forward to reading more about your adventure.

  6. says: Naomi

    Paying too much for fresh produce…that DOES sound like Korea!! 😉

    I remember that same fuzzy feeling, one month into my time in Seoul. Funny enough, even a year and a half later, it still hasn’t gone away!!

  7. says: Michelle

    You’re so lucky! I once wanted to be an ESL teacher in Korea, but…..never got around to my 4th year of college. ha! You’ll love it there! So many new experiences to come across, delicious food to try, encountering scary scooters almost running you over, and don’t forget….. recycle, reuse, reduce!! 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your travels.

  8. says: Elizabeth

    I know just how you feel, I felt the same way when I moved to Seoul. Not sure if I will ever feel that giddy about another place again, it was my first time living abroad. Glad your loving it, looking forward to reading more about your time there!

    1. says: thatbackpacker

      Yes, Seoul has really grown on me fast! Especially now that summer is here – the city feels so alive! I’m really looking forward to the next months ahead. 😀

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