She’s a Happy Girl! Three Weeks Of Traveling Through Malaysia!

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This isn’t a post about a place or some undiscovered attraction, no. Call it musings, perhaps, of three weeks officially on the road.

What can I say?! It just feels really good to finally be travelling again!

And I kind of think it shows.

She's a Happy Girl! Three Weeks Of Traveling Through Malaysia!
She’s a Happy Girl! Three Weeks Of Traveling Through Malaysia!

The past year in Korea was perhaps one of the busiest years of my life. I had two clear goals in mind: pay off those student loans and save money to travel. (Accomplished!) Now that I’m actually on the road again, it feels like I’m reaping the rewards of such a hectic year.

That’s not to say that the past three weeks have been smooth sailing.

There have been nights spent in rooms that felt like hot chambers with nothing but a fan blowing hot air on our bodies. There have been rodents the size of cats, run ins with a real cat who decided to come visit me in the shower, and we’ve also been kicked out of a hotel because our room was given away – on a holiday – when there were no other rooms available in town…

But for all of those incidents, there have also been moments that make you forget about the road bumps and laugh about them just a few hours later.

I’ve enjoyed exploring Melaka’s streets lined with paper lanterns, visiting temples and shrines, and eating dim sum before sunrise (because the boy insists the best dim sum disappears if we don’t go as soon as they open).

I’ve enjoyed the train rides, ferry rides, and bus rides that showcase the lushest of jungles and raggedest of karsts.

There have been encounters with macaques at Hindu temples, and narrow escapes from macaques at the botanical gardens.

There have been chance meetings with fellow travel bloggers in Kuala Lumpur, and nights spent feasting on Indian food – because you can never get enough roti and mango lassis.

We are travelling slower than either of us ever has before, sometimes spending over a week in each city we visit, and giving ourselves a month to soak in every country we set foot in.

There’s a little perspiration on my brow, or perhaps a lot, but it feels good to be doing this at last! And that’s that. 🙂

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  1. says: George

    Wow yes I’m taking a 6 week trip soon which feels so long overdue. Yet the trip itself feels incredibly short. Most people think 6 weeks away is loads but for me it’s never enough.

  2. says: Amanda @ Farsickness

    Great post! I know exactly how you feel. It feels so good to be on the road and free after Korea, as amazing as that was itself. Though I don’t know what would happen if I saw a rodent the size of a cat. I freaked out when I saw a 6 inch cockroach 🙂

    1. says: Audrey

      Haha, rodents and cockroaches have become commonplace. The other day I sat in a restaurant while a few men tried to catch a fat rat that was running around the premises and it didn’t even faze me, haha, I still ate there. 😉

  3. says: Katherina

    You do look very happy! Aw, I long for that great feeling of travel and freedom… Hopefully I’ll get it back, soon!

    1. says: Audrey

      Agreed! It’s funny how you can laugh about a stressful situation just a few hours later once it’s all sorted. 🙂

  4. says: Maria Alexandra

    I can’t wait to be in your position! Right now I’m trying to pay off my student loans, put away money for investments and even retirement, in addition to building up my savings so I can travel indefinitely soon. AHHH… THE DREAM!

    It must be so liberating, no? Such an amazing feeling. I’m so happy you are so happy 🙂 Can’t wait to be there too!

    (Which by the way, you could help me on my dream if you go to the link below! I’m auditioning to become a travel host 😀 would love your help, Audrey!)

    Thanks in advance and happy travels! 🙂

    – Maria Alexandra

  5. says: Mike

    I’m new to your site and this is a great post! I’ll be starting a new adventure soon as I go to teach English in Spain. I’ll be leaving behind my comfy job and lifestyle for travel, adventure, and the unknown. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into your story!!

  6. says: This Battered Suitcase

    This makes me miss being on the road. Uh, even though I AM on the road, right now. But I miss that kind of travel, the kind that makes your brow sweat and your heart race.

  7. says: Ceri

    So happy for you, girl. 😀

    It’s weird – After a year and a half of travelling and living abroad, now that I’m back home, the idea of getting up and going again sounds kind of exhausting. I definitely still want to travel more but I don’t think I’m quite ready for it yet. Will just live vicariously through blogs like yours in the meantime. 😉

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