5 Incredible Things to See and Do in China On Your Next Visit

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China has a considerable amount to offer, especially for a traveller wanting to endure a change in culture and lifestyle. One of the largest and most populated countries globally, China is enriched in culture and history. There is a pleasant contrast between vibrant, rapid cosmopolitan cities and alluring artistic scenery from mountain and rural scapes. Here are five things to see and do in this iconic country.

5 Things to See and Do in China The Great Wall of China
Image by William Olivieri via Unsplash

The Great Wall of China

Trekking holidays in China starts here. One of the world’s seven wonders, The Great Wall is an iconic staple of China’s legacy, culture and pride. Like a dragon, the wall entwines through 5,500 miles of land. You and your friends can trek through fifteen various essential sections of the wall and be met with beautiful scenery and historical impact.

Additionally, the wall is decorated with structured fortifications that were previously used for military defence, and these fortresses can be spotted throughout your journey. The Great Wall is not one to miss and can dramatically reduce your world wonder list.

The Forbidden City

Are you looking for some history? Located in the heart of Beijing, China’s capital, the Forbidden City is a former Chinese imperial palace that accommodated emperors in dynasty eras and will make you feel like royalty once you step in.

Not so forbidden, after all, this famous museum is one of the largest in the world and encapsulates Chinese culture inside its walls with artefacts. Its exterior showcases mystical animal silhouettes, symbolic guardians of lions and vibrant yellow and red colours that will capture your attention.

Panda bear eats bambooImage by Sid Balachandran via Unsplash

Chimelong Safari Park

A vast experience of wildlife that would make David Attenborough jealous. Split between ‘safari on wheels’ and ‘walk through’ environments, you can come up close and personal to your favourite animals when visiting.

A stand-out is the Giant Panda centre, where you can see them eating bamboo, interacting and being adorable. China is well known for giant panda reserves, providing a haven for pandas and even bamboo to be protected in their natural habitat.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you will encounter opaque forests, deep canyons, unique caves, rocks and peaks on this walk. The iconic pillar rock formations are the heart and soul of the park and are renowned all over worldwide.

Delving deeper, The Hallelujah Mountains are not one to miss! These mountains have inspired big-screen movies such as Avatar, capturing these breathtaking views within their blue alien narrative.

The Bund at duskImage by Li Yang via Unsplash

The Bund

A cultural paradise where historical tradition meets modern-day life. Take a Huangpu River cruise where you have a front-row seat to view the most recognizable buildings in Shanghai.

The cruise at night is also a fantastic spectacle, exhibiting impressive lights from each of the buildings that effortlessly dazzle on the reflection of the water. Shopping, hotels and restaurants are all up for grabs around diverse parts of Bund. Finally, experience the affluent lifestyle of the local people who utilize the Bund for morning exercise followed by a stroll in Huangpu Park.

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